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      Recleim HVAC

      Responsible HVAC Recycling

      We safely dispose of end-of-life HVAC systems and assume responsibility for meeting EPA requirements for the safe and legal de-manufacturing and disposal of that waste. Thanks to a partnership with two European companies, Adelmann and Lesni, Recleim is the first North American company to employ the European model, allowing us to deliver an advanced recycling and air purification process to our clients.

      We handle recycling challenges. You and our environment reap rewards.

      Recleim relieves you of the responsibility to safely and legally de-manufacture and dispose of materials according to EPA regulations and within the guidelines of EPA’s Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) Program. When you recycle with Recleim, we remove your used HVAC equipment at our expense.

      We recover approximately 95% (by weight) of the commodity components in the systems recycled. By safely disposing of hazardous chemicals, we enable you to minimize waste and considerably reduce your environmental footprint.

      • Recleim provides the cleanest and most efficient appliance recycling method available in the world today.
        Steve Bush